Blur sensitive data from Screenshots

Instant and Auto blur text in images. Designed for macOS.

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Blur data from Screenshot

Instant blurring, Instant Privacy for the images you share online and offline.

Blurs sensitive info

Email addresses, monetary values, names, and other sensitive data will be identified and concealed.

Drag & Drop

Instantly import and process images with convenient drag-and-drop functionality.


Our intelligent app identifies sensitive details and suggests quick blurs for your convenience.

Quick Export

Enjoy super quick exporting to .png format and explore all sharing options.


Automatic detection

Pay once, use forever

$29Pay once, use forever
Buy Now
$79Per Month, Billed Annually
Buy Now

BlurData is an app that can be obtained through a single payment, providing users with complete and unrestricted access to all the features.

  • 1 Mac supported
  • All the features

FAQ Corner

Your questions answered. Browse our frequently asked questions for more insight into BlurData.

How to install?

Get a license key here - once the purchase is complete, you will receive the download link.

Is it secure?

Yes, we offer offline technology that can recognize text and blur it out. BlurData is designed with security in mind to ensure your data stays protected without leaving your device.

Image Formats?

BlurData supports common image formats such as JPG, PNG.

Can I choose which data to Blur?

Yes, you can undo or select the text you want to be blurred by BlurData.

What macOS version is required?

Supports start from macOS 13 and higher.
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